DevanSAs a writer, I have always struggled with answering questions about myself or even being able to depict myself properly in my writings. I’m not one to think about myself very often. If I start to think too hard, I’ll start to remember things I don’t want to. I’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations in my short 25 years on this Earth. From dealing with sexual assault, the PTSD from it, and any other emotional distress to drug addiction, the lifestyle that goes with it and rehabilitation. I’ve overcome so much to even be able to write and share parts of my life. I’m not afraid to share my story anymore, so if you have any questions or need some advice or even just need someone to listen, I am here for it all.

Please read my book Alcove Garden®: Volume 1. I’m in the process of editing and on the path of getting it published and would love some honest feedback.


Here are a few other sites where some of my work is located: